• Jen Hagan

6 tips for planning engagement outfits (and a few bonus tips)

Ok so I started out with 6 tips, and then realized I had a few more to share, so you guys get a few bonuses!! :-)

I have a few engagement sessions coming up and realized it was a good time to post this again!

1) So first things first, how many outfits do I need for this session?

I recommend two. Two outfits gives you just enough variety but still plenty of photos. The more outfits and locations you add, the less photos you will receive.

2) Coordinating outfits are not the same as "matching" outfits. I suggest wearing complimenting colors vs matching colors. For example, pink and blue look great together, so do blue and yellow. Soft colors always photograph best. If you do decide to match colors, try to choose different shades of a color. A soft blue and a navy blue look better than two navy blue tops.

3) If one of you are going to wear a bold color or pattern, consider the other person in a neutral to tone it down.

4) If you are going to wear a pattern, bigger really is better here! Small prints, especially plaids, are hard for the camera to pick up and can be distracting.

5) Add your personality! This is a few tips in one. When it comes to your photos, the best thing you can remember is just that, they are YOUR photos. They are going to hang on your walls and be on your save the date/invitations! Don’t be afraid to accessorize with things that are uniquely you! Belts, scarves, necklaces, etc. These can add a lot to photos and show off some personality!

6) Think about where you are using them. I planned pink and cream outfits for our engagement photos that were taken on the beach, because I knew I wanted to use the photos for the save the date and the wedding website. Because my entire family is flying in to stay in the OBX for a week, I wanted the photo on the save the date to truly represent the feel of the wedding.


Having your hair and makeup done by a pro can go a long way for photos! If you haven’t worked with your wedding hair and makeup artist yet, consider having her do your engagement look! This gives you guys a chance to work together before your big day AND helps you feel confident that you’ve made the right choice!

Form flattering clothing. I know you have that one top or outfit hanging in your closet because it looks AMAZING on you! Take into account what you love about that top or outfit when choosing your engagement outfit. Does it show off your shoulders, flatter your arms, make your legs look amazing? Remember that there is no one outfit that looks great for pictures. Choose items that look and FEEL great on you!

If you love the soft, romantic feel, consider flow dresses or skirts that will blow in the breeze. Also, light pastel or neutral colors help your images feel light and bright no matter what the whether is like or where we shoot!