Semi-colon, what it means to me | Personal post

I get asked about this tattoo a lot! In the last 2 weeks, I've been asked about it 3 times. So I thought I would share a little.

"Oh that's pretty cool"

"I love it, I'm getting one too"

"Were you drunk when you got it?"

These are all responses I've gotten when I've answered "what does that tattoo mean?" But really, it doesn't matter what the response is, because it's a personal reminder for me.

Let me explain. I have a semicolon tattooed on my left hand. It's small, but it's visible. I'm not a huge believer in symbolism, but I am a huge believer in reminders! We always tend to forget things, which can be really beneficial when we need to get over things and move on. But sometimes we need to remember. I am someone who needs reminders. I keep a journal because I know I'm going to need to read them to help me have a healthy perspective. It helps me keep my goals in line and helps me adjust to change. The truth is we all have our stories of life. For the most part, we don't get to write the adventures or challenges that happen, we just get to write our reactions and our growth through them. Some chapters might refine our character, but it doesn't have to define it. For example, I went through a divorce. That was a really difficult chapter in my story. This is usually the part where everyone says "oh I'm sorry," but don't be! It was a horribly unhealthy and abusive marriage, I'm so much healthier being OUT of that situation! So although it was hard, it refined me. It helped me grow in ways I didn't know I could, but that chapter is not going to define who I am. That chapter is not the end of my story (hence the semicolon). My identity is not "the divorced lady" because I'm not letting the situation define me. These rough situations polish us, they knock off the sharp edges. I'm about to embark on a new journey of blending families, which is going to be an entirely new and challenging adventure.

Even though I'm not big on symbolism, this hand has a lot of it. Something that challenges you and nearly breaks you doesn't have to be the end, It should be a growing point. These are the things that shift your perspective, they help you see life in a bigger way. There's no symbol for the amount of growth and healing that took place between the semi-colon and the ring, but there was a lot. In order for a new beginning to happen, something had to end, but that doesn't mean it's the end of your story. As much as we would love for life to be rainbows and frappuccinos, sometimes there are dark clouds. Sometimes it pours rain and sometimes, it thunders so hard it shakes everything you thought was stable. But these things shape us. They refine us and redefine us. We learn to grow, to trust, to value ourselves, to strengthen our faith and they challenge us to become stronger versions of us.

So this tattoo is a reminder that what is meant to break me, can strengthen me. What is meant to be an end, can be a beginning. What is meant to define me, is really just refining me.

What things are refinning you today?



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