Why i love Spring portraits!

Family portraits are one of my FAVORITE things to shoot! Yes, you have to work for them sometimes, ie, with very small children, but helping families capture where they are right now is amazing to me! I know fall is by far the favorite time of year for family pictures, and if you follow me at all, you'll know that fall is my absolute favorite time of year! But, let me talk some love about spring, because fall will have it's turn.

I know we all love those gorgeous fall colors and piles of leaves to jump in, and they make amazing photos! But what also makes for beautiful photos, and doesn't get quite enough credit, is the new spring green that pops up on the trees in late April and early May!

You also have different outfit choices in the spring! While it's natural to go with warm colors and neutrals in the fall, spring is a great time to really break out those bright and and soft colors! Pinks and blues and all kinds of pastels are amazing against the soft spring green! Take advantage of the new easter outfits you bought and have family photos done in them! I love these bright, airy photos, especially if you have light colored walls to hang the portraits on! And let's not forget that everything is BLOOMING in the spring! While this may not be great if you have seasonal allergies, it sure does make for some pretty pictures!

I know fall is a favorite time for pictures, but don't rule out spring if you want a different look for your pictures this year!



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