5 Tips for Successful Family Photos

5 Tips For Successful Family Photos

How can you get the most

out of your family shoot? A little preparation can go a long way!

Sometimes preparing for your family photos can seem a little daunting, but with a little preparation, your session can be relatively stress-free! Here are my top 5 ways to help you make sure your session is smooth sailing!

5 Tips For Successful Family Photos

1) Plan Around Kids

Kids have their own schedule and usually, their own agenda. Try to schedule your shoot around when your kids do best. If they are happy in the mornings, try and get pictures within the first few hours of daylight. If they are better after their nap, shoot for evening pictures. If your kids are very young, give them a small break between "posed" shots and let them walk or run. It never hurts to have an end of session treat on hand also!

5 Tips For Successful Family Photos

2) Dress for the occasion

Whether you want everyone in matching Christmas sweaters, or super casual attire, outfits can make or break your photos. Some things to take into account are colors, patterns and styles. Sometimes it's nice to just keep everyone in a coordinating color pallet, rather than putting everyone in, say, white shirts. It's also nice to let outfits show personality. Your photos will capture your family and where you all are right now in life. So if your 3 year old lives in his Spider-man costume, it could be fun to let him wear it, at least for a few photos.

5 Tips For Successful Family Photos

3) Act Natural

We all want the posed family shots together, and those are important to have, but sometimes candid moments of interaction can show your family's personality and be much more meaningful. Don't be afraid to interact with your family during your session, a good photographer will catch those moments.

5 Tips For Successful Family Photos

4) Location, Location, Location

Thinking about the time of year you want your photos is important, but another important thing to think about is where you want your photos taken. Parks are always popular, but don't be afraid to try something different. Downtown, a warehouse district, under old bridges, there are lots of possibilities. Try to envision what kind of image you want hanging on your walls before you book your location.

5 Tips For Successful Family Photos

5) Be on Time

No matter what time of day you decide on, it's important to honor that time. Chances are you are having an on location shoot and that means your photographer is using natural light. We work hard to help you schedule your shoot around your family AND the best lighting of the day. Most photographers have also scheduled an end time for your shoot, so showing up 20 minutes late means 20 minutes of missed pictures! If there are young children, give yourself an extra 15 minutes to deal with unforeseen delays.

I hope this helps in the planning process! Pictures can seem very overwhelming, but in the end, you will be SO glad you did them and even more glad you took a few extra minutes to do some pre-session planning! Got questions? I'd be happy to help! Lets Chat!


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