Behind the scenes 2018

New Year's seems like a good time to look back and reflect on the past year while planning for the year ahead. This is my first year posting a behind the scenes blog, because it's the first year I made an effort to pull behind the scenes shots out and save them... so there aren't very many. Next year I'm going to make an effort to shoot and save more BTS photos, so 2019 should be a much longer post!

Being a photographer is generally a pretty glamorous job! It' includes climbing on things and sometimes, laying on the ground!

Amie has basically perfected the behind the scenes shots! Look at that mirror shot! So many reasons why she is my go to lady!

She also makes sure we both get the important shots!

When you are preparing for the first look and everything HAS TO BE PERFECT!

Yep, on the ground again.

There's a lot of fluffing, straightening, smoothing etc. during a bridal session. Because have I mentioned IT HAS TO BE PERFECT!

Large bridal parties? Not a problem!

If I have ever photographed you, you know I will tell you "wait, one more". Also, if I have ever photographed you, you know I am a liar because I will take about 5 more shots after that! "Look down, look to your right, relax your shoulders", yes, I AM a perfectionist.

When you have just photographed the bride coming down the aisle and you are trying to get out of the way quickly...

...but you don't mind striking a pose from the back!

I'm not sure why I bother having head shots done at this point, I've got this posing thing down!

We also both really love cake! And cupcakes...and doughnuts.

Test that light!

When you test the light for the exit and it's FREEZING!!

Sometimes we go tromping through tall grass and we find pricker bushes! My brides are so awesome!

Sometimes, you just need a good selfie! (Second wedding of the season)

And every time you find a mirror...

I have the most amazing couples and I work with the most amazing people!! Thank you to everyone who enables me to live this life and work my dream every day!

Here's to an amazing 2018 and another exciting year to come in 2019!!



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