Taylor & Josh | Engaged!

"So I was actually going to mention, my office has rooftop access", Josh said as we exited the parking garage and entered the busy streets of downtown Raleigh. There are few things in the world that make a photographer's heart leap with excitement like the words "rooftop access"! Let's do it!

We had a thick cloud cover that allowed us to be on a rooftop at 4pm without super harsh sunlight...umm, this is a serious win, win!!

Maybe it's the Marvel nerd in me, but I couldn't help but feel like this MUST be where Spiderman would have his engagement pictures taken! Call me a nerd, but I fell in love with rooftop photos.

Not only were they cool enough to climb on top of a historic building in their Sunday best, they also did it with zero complaint about the 40 degree temps! You guys are too cool.

We still had all of Fayetteville street to shoot, plus the JC Raulston Arboretum!

I have the absolute coolest couples! I'm so honored to be your photographer guys! I can't wait for the wedding day!



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