Karynna & Jeremy | Married!

It's not uncommon for me to tear up at weddings, but when the father of the bride gave his speech, I couldn't stop wiping the tears away.

Karynna's father talked about when Jeremy asked for his permission to date his daughter and he told him "if you ever have to hurt her, I want you to do it". Meaning that if they weren't going to work out, better to break it off and hurt her than to stay in a failing relationship. Although these might not be the words you would expect to hear from a father, I loved these incredibly wise words! Once Jeremy came to ask permission to marry Karynna however, the deal was off, "you are no longer allowed to hurt her now" her father told him. It was easy to see that Jeremy has no intention of hurting Karynna! These two are so sweet with an infectious love that fills the room! Not only were the bride and groom great, their bridal party was the coolest ever! I'm so happy to have been able to capture this day! From Karynna's gorgeous blue shoes, to their vintage get away car, decorated for the end of the night, I loved every detail of this day and the incredible people that were part of it!